Staying Connected with Big V Women’s Captain

By Tom Krieser

As captains go, very few are as dedicated as Women’s Big V Captain Liv Woods. 

Posting zoom workouts twice a week, Woods is always making sure she and her team are “staying ready” for their inaugural season in Redback’s colours.

“It’s about having a purpose to staying active”.

Along with this, her creativity in motivating her team to keep up their fitness is an exemplary display of Redback’s spirit. 

“We are running a point system using Strava… so the most runs while in isolation get the most points and ta prize at the end of all this”.

Liv Woods, captain of our inaugural RMIT Big V Basketball women’s team

Off the track, Woods is also a true captain. 

From weekly Zoom calls, starting with catch-ups and Show-and-tell, to an RMIT BIG V teammate themed trivia night, Woods is heading up Iso activities for her teammates online. 

“It’s about keeping up the banter and staying connected to the team”.

Woods also knows it’s about “checking in” on her teammates. “Making sure everyone’s wellbeing is okay [because] “everyone’s situation is different”. 

Personally, Woods is the queen of her backyard court. From playing HORSE with her sibling to making sure she’s looking on the positive side of things.

“Every night I’ve been [writing in] a gratitude journal”.

While not something She’d normally do Woods says it “helps remove the negative mindset”.

Also, the true dedication of Woods is featured by her #quarantinecontent: Old game footage from her previous season in the Big V competition. 

“[I’m] looking at gaps that I can potentially work on when I get back to training”.

For Woods, it’s all about smashing out of the blocks when the season hopefully resumes soon. Until then, staying fit and positive are perfect ways to stay clear-headed during isolation. 

Video edited by Samuel Cucinotta

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